It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture. And the printed paper bag is one such piece in your Packaging mix Paper Bag Printing Company Dubai. We help you with its design as part of your brand’s story that connects with your customers.

Print Options


Make your pick – With options to pick up to the level of High Graphics, Multi-colour printing, you can get the best as per your needs and choices. Curated Special Colours are also available.

Go Green


Continuously upgrading and adapting to latest changes, we use State-of-the-Art Printing Technology to customize bags just the way you want them to be. Want to try something different? Exciting? Inspiring? We work with you to create engaging, Creative & Innovative Packaging Designs.


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Paper Type

Choose From

White Virgin Kraft

Natural Brown Virgin Kraft

Both white and brown kraft paper are Environment friendly PEFC/FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.

Brown Kraft Recycled Paper

Companies with Corporate Social Responsibility can reduce their carbon foot print, standing up for environment protection by using 100% Natural Certified Recycled Papers.

Production Time


From 2 weeks for Repeat Jobs

From 3 weeks for New Jobs.

Production of a
one to one sample

By Agreement for higher production quantities.

We know and help you understand what order quantity works best for you. To begin with we offer

Standard Production Quantity 10,000 pieces

Minimum Cost-Effective Production Quantity 50,000 pieces

Special Small Quantity RequirementOn enquiry

To know what works best for you reach out to us.

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A perfect companion for Eco-friendly packaging catering to Retail Industry, restaurants, hotels, catering companies and online delivery companies/other retail products.

Shorter delivery times vis a vis imported products.

Local Customer Support: Your partner who understands you and works together with you to translate your creative branding and marketing ideas into reality.

Made in UAE Label

Environmentally-friendly product as per your specific requirement with FSC, PEFC certification/recyclable options available.

Cost effective purchase options available

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Paper Bag without handles

Ever wondered about environment friendly packing bags for HORECA, Retail and Online Industries that are not only better and healthier alternative but also add a touch of finesse. Our product range of Paper Bags printed and without handles for packing your products does just that. It is simple yet elegant.

Find Inspiration with us


There’s no need to wrack your brains over something that’s already been invented, long ago. Find inspiration in our gallery or on our social networks.

Printed Bags + Handles
Printed Bags + Handles